Aldeia da Cuada


Supply is as large as the overwhelming force of nature

With almost six centuries of history, the islands of the Azores are filled with memories, from their built heritage to the unique culture and hospitality of their people.

Religious and popular festivities, festivals, street bull fights, handicraft, cuisine, regional products and traditional pastry are only some of the manifestations of this deeply-rooted Azorean culture.

The history of our people is told by our own streets, sidewalks, public squares, buildings, gardens, churches and museums. All these carefully preserved elements reveal the singularity of the Azorean people and its way of life in the Azorean Islands, having then a high ethnographic interest.

In addition, contact with nature is always guaranteed, given the excellent location of our rural houses. Located in rural areas, these houses of the Azores comprise wine-growing properties, farms and other places where the authentic use of nature is a daily activity, such as growing fruit, producing home-made jam or raising cattle.

Among the endless natural and botanical richness of these Azores islands, there are also walking trails, namely in the laurel forest. These trails also offer the opportunity to observe some volcanic activity manifestations and to enjoy the benefits of hot springs.

Supply is then as large as the overwhelming force of nature. Bird watching, golf, horseback riding or bicycle and off-road trails are only a few of the many adventures that you can embark on when you choose tourism in the Azores.

These islands have also received the gift of the ocean, which is the source of one of the main economic activities in the Region – fisheries. Therefore, there is always fresh fish and seafood on our tables, even if gastronomic traditions vary from island to island.

Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Azorean islands are sometimes associated to the famous Legend of Atlantis. The seawater is mild and crystal clear, and the beaches are extremely beautiful, therefore inviting to rural tourism.

Experiences like exploring the sea of the Azores, which is rich in species and natural beauty, fishing, diving or whale watching lead visitors to discover a new world that cannot be completely explored in only one visit to our Region and our Azorean houses.


The Association of Tourism in Rural Areas – Casas Açorianas, which has been awarded the Gold Medal for Tourism Merit by the Portuguese Government in 2009, brings together about fifty associates and over a hundred houses spread throughout the islands of the Azores.



All our houses are subject to detailed assessment and follow several quality criteria, having most of them reached excellent quality levels. Located in rural areas, the accommodation of Casas Açorianas...