Aldeia da Cuada


Purity, idyllic harmony and the serene sound of Azorean nature

All our houses are subject to detailed assessment and follow several quality criteria, having most of them reached excellent quality levels. Located in rural areas, the accommodation of Casas Açorianas follows regional architectural patterns that invoke and respect history, namely by using traditional materials which are sometimes associated to technology. These technological elements add modernity and comfort to our houses, may they be rural, manor or country houses, thus meeting our guests' needs and expectations. In fact, our accommodation provides a quality alternative to common hotels in the Azores.

In addition, the purity, harmony and serenity of nature in the Azores are complemented by a hosting structure that provides an efficient network of aerial and maritime transports, a safe vehicle system, modern telecommunication systems, as well as health and wellness equipments on every island.


The Association of Tourism in Rural Areas – Casas Açorianas, which has been awarded the Gold Medal for Tourism Merit by the Portuguese Government in 2009, brings together about fifty associates and over a hundred houses spread throughout the islands of the Azores.



With almost six centuries of history, the islands of the Azores are filled with memories, from their built heritage to the unique culture and hospitality of their people.