A Casa do Ouvidor
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A Casa do Ouvidor


José Henrique Fernandes Veríssimo


(00351) 917324856
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Estrada Regional,22 São Miguel Arcanjo 9940-335 São Roque do Pico

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A Casa do Ouvidor

Pico Island - São Roque do Pico - São Roque do Pico

Situated on the Azorean island of “Pico”, in “São Roque do Pico” council, with stunning landscapes to the sea and mountains, “A Casa do Ouvidor” is a rural tourism accommodation, in the modality of Country House, where the beauty environment, the nobility of the space associated with the tranquility of the settings allows guests to enjoy unforgettable moments.

The architectural, historical and cultural dignity of the building, dated from the early eighteenth century, ordered by São Roque do Pico ombudsman, forced the implementation of a restoring project, designed by architect Nuno Ribeiro Lopes, that kept the buildings original designs and at the same time offered all the comforts to their guests, creating such a cozy atmosphere that you’ll feel like “A Casa do Ouvidor” is your home.

“A Casa do Ouvidor” consist of three housing units, type T2, overlooking a basalt courtyard above a big lawn, a pool with solarium and an indoor Jacuzzi, where you can relax, enjoying the essential elements for your welfare and health.

The trilogy Land, Sea and Fire always ruled the life of the Azoreans; “A Casa do Ouvidor” pays its tribute to this trilogy, giving the name "House of Fire" "House of Sea" and "House of Land" to the three lodging buildings that constitute it.

- Fire, the father of the islands that has repeatedly emerged from the bowels of the earth; It is the pulse of the planet's vitality and the proof of perseverance and determination of the Azorean people. “House of Fire” results of an “atafona”* adaptation. It has an area of 130.57 m2, distributed over two floors with two bedrooms with private bathrooms, living room with kitchenette and private balcony.

- Sea, the vast Atlantic, full of mystery, eternally present, separates and unites us. “The House of the Sea”, with 197.96 m2, haves, on the first floor, two bedrooms with private bathrooms and on the ground floor a lounge with fireplace, a kitchen and bathroom.

- Land it is the fruit of efforts by settlers and their descendants, who worked the rock and from it made a living spring.“House of Earth”, with 160.12 m2, haves, on the first floor, two bedrooms with private bathrooms and on the ground floor a lounge with fireplace, a kitchen and bathroom.

The rest of the surrounding area, with more than five thousand square meters of land with farm and forest, provide separate living areas (ideal places for reading and contemplation), where different groups can coexist with some privacy without compromising the exceptional landscape that is observed from the house, gardens and the pool.

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