Casa dos Barcos - Lagoa das Furnas
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Casa dos Barcos - Lagoa das Furnas


Margarida Jácome Rodrigues


+351 296285895

Rua do Castilho15 9500-042 P. Delgada

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Casa dos Barcos - Lagoa das Furnas

São Miguel Island - 9675-090 Povoação - Furnas

The Casa dos Barcos is located on the shore of Lagoa das Furnas, one of the most beautiful natural areas of S. Miguel, about 45 kM from Ponta Delgada, the main city in the Island, 5 kM from the local village of Furnas, and 12 kM from the village of Ribeira Quente on the ocean coast.

The village of Furnas contains various interesting places to explore including the local “caldeiras” (geysers), thermal baths, natural warm water swimming pool, and various parks and gardens created in the XIX century. The “cozidos das Furnas”, a stew of locally produced meats and vegetables cooked in the naturally hot ground in the “caldeira” areas, is also recommended.

The fishing village of Ribeira Quente has a small sea harbour and an excellent beach of warm waters, heated in certain areas by underwater “caldeiras”.

The Casa dos Barcos, due to its location and architectural beauty, provides an excellent place for the visitor to enjoy a relaxing or adventurous vacation in the island of S. Miguel, all year round.

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