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Casas do Frade

Ilha de São Miguel - Nordeste - Lomba da Fazenda



In the north eastern region of São Miguel, where green triumphs over the magnificent mountain range of Tronqueira, habitat of unique and rare species of fauna and flora, nature lovers can benefit from rustic comfortable overnight facilities at CASA DO FRADE – a tourist complex of nine rural cottages that bring together the comfort and originality of the Azorean home. In the adjacent gardens one can enjoy the sounds of rural nature and savour tranquillity, fresh and pure air.

Laid out in the oldest area of the island, surrounded by the high peaks of Vara and Bartolomeu, it offers a panoramic view over mountain and sea.

In its endemic forest Nordeste boasts the only existing Azorean bullfinches in the world. Explore the trails that will take you to the highest summit on the island, go for walks and delight yourself with the tranquillity and beauty that surround you.

Appreciate and relax amidst the beauty of the belvederes, the waterfalls, the streams, watermills and forest parks.

Delight yourself with the mild waters of Lombo Gordo beach or of the natural swimming pool of Boca da Ribeira.

In terms of gastronomy, savour the delicious fish the islands’ sea has to offer, the typical sausages, accompanied by São Miguel’s famous pineapple. Top the meal with the highly appreciated local cheese and deserts.

Casas do Frade await your visit to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing stay. Situated 4 Km from Vila do Nordeste, about 40 Km from the volcanic heart of the island, they offer you the possibility of fully enjoying both the pleasures of sea and mountain.

The houses are divided into two categories:

5 T1 houses – Casa da Pedra (Stone house), Casa dos Barcos (Boat house), Casa do Mirante (Belvedere House), Casa da Bilha (House of the Clay Pot), Casa do Traje (House of the Attire);
4 T2 houses – Casa do Forno (House of the Furnace), Casa do Açor (House of the Azorean Buzzard), Casa da Tamanca (House of the Wooden Shoe), Casa da Figueira (House of the Fig Tree).

The T1 have a double bed room, living room, kitchen and bathroom.
The T2 have two rooms, one double and one twin, living room, kitchen and bathroom.
All served by private parking garden areas and barbecues.




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