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Casa da Torre

Ilha de Pico - Lajes do Pico - São João





The majestic Casa da Torre in S.João has been rehabilitated and turned into a tourist complex.

Consisting of two floors for housing, consists of four rooms being that one is a suite. Each floor is composed of bathroom and kitchen. Autonomous it can occupy the house two families at the same time.

This enterprise is for tourism in rural areas - Familiar.

The family aspect was not forgotten, who has a dog may be accompanied by it therefore expects him a kennel prepared to receive in optimal conditions.

This box is a symbiosis between the architectural past that we want to preserve and the future. Casa da Torre is equipped with technology such as ecological example is the aerogerador, solar panels, and use the system of collecting rain water in the tank purified by fish, recycling is present through ecopoint internal and external, making pedagogy.

Outside you can find a place of leisure with attractive table, barbecue and garden areas.

With the start of its construction in 1916, the Casa da Torre is one of the most beautiful specimens of the traditional architecture of our island, values her magnificent stonework which contains. Memory can point out that the house was the first housing that had electric light in the parish produced by an aerogerador placed in the tower.

Its owner was rich and therefore bought a radio in neighbouring island of Faial, bringing together at night neighbors to hear radio while entertaining themselves with some table games. This radio is still in the house and restored.

From the past to the future it carried a tank with water collected from rain, the tanks of clothes, and the rustic environment stone and black.

Acquired by the firm Casa d'Ávilas, Ltd. this traditional housing provides moments of leisure for those who come discover it.




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