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Quinta da Abelheira

Ilha de São Miguel - Ponta Delgada - Fajã de Baixo





Quinta da Abelheira is located in Fajã de Baixo, 4km away from Ponta Delgada, in the Azores.

It is surrounded by a huge forest that contains hundreds of unique species.

The main building was completely refurnished and has a large porch and several nooks furnished with a cozy surrounding which makes it a perfect location to simply relax or enjoy reading a book.

The house is also besides a beautiful garden which has a pool, a place for barbecues and a fresh water fountain built with typical XIX century tiles.

Moving along a trail, up the hill, you may enjoy the comforting peace that nature has to offer, along with the singing of different kinds of native birds.

At its peak, there is a view that offers a unique sighting of the island and the Atlantic. Those who love the shore, may enjoy the exquisite beaches of dark sand, Pópulo and Milícias which are less than 2 Km away.




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