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Quinta da Queiró

Ilha de São Miguel - Ponta Delgada - Sete Cidades





This tourism resort arose from the recovery of the entrepreneur’s grandparent’s family home, whose main activity was the agriculture, located at the Queiró Street (Rua da Queiró), named after the endemic plant queiró which scientific name is Calluna vulgaris, predominant in this location in past years.

In recovering the main house, as well as the different infrastructures that were the support for various tasks linked to agricultural production, there was the intention to rehabilitate the existing architecture, keeping both traces and the original volumetric, using traditional materials and introducing new constructions in order to improve the living conditions and well-being of those who visit us. The interventions in the different spaces clearly intended to make a fusion between rustic, which was evident in the initial construction, and contemporary, not leaving behind the small details, life experiences’ indicators from those who’ve constituted the generations that have lived in this place.

In the surrounding land, garden areas were created, vivified by different ornamental plants, some of which endemic, fruit trees, that constitute the typical orchard of the houses’ backyards in this countryside, an educational garden, as well as a poultry house.

For the interior decoration, we’ve used traditional antique furniture, properly restored, that belongs to the family, simultaneously with others contemporary traces, in order to portray the authenticity without neglecting the comfort required in this type of business. The entrepreneurs appreciate even more sustainable development, so you can find renewable energy in this property through the fireplaces, wood supply, with heat recovery in bedrooms to avoid unnecessary expenses on electricity. For the same purpose, all existing machines in the property were chosen based on their low energy consumption.

In association with the accommodation establishment, another space was built from scratch, constituted by a tea room, open to the public in general, where it will be served, for example, the breakfast for the accommodation units’ occupants. A rustic kitchen with a wood oven, that will assist the tea room and another room called Events Room. Further, a third space was built in this building – a themed room – which, throughout the year, will be used to portray seasons, festivities and traditions, inherent to the culture of Sete Cidades and the Azores in general.




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