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Quinta do Canto

Ilha de Faial - Horta - Flamengos



Located in an area of farming, the Quinta do Canto end of the twentieth century was a house of farming, during the 2º war because of its space was used by the military who have settled here, this Quinta has a legend that gave its name from the street where you are.

Today, in the twenty-first century, the Quinta do Canto was restored and became an open space to receive people on this island where the rest demand quality, comfort and hospitality are words of order.

The Quinta do Canto is located in the center of the island of Faial, the town Flamengos to three kilometres from the city of Horta. It is near the boiler where you can make beautiful walks. This Quinta is formed by three houses: we have 6 bed rooms equipped with private toilet, telephone, air conditioning and cable TV. In the main house are served breakfast. At home there is a suite of Eira. In the third section does the laundry.

Besides the houses have discovered an area of 6 alqueiros of land where there is a fifth with various trees, fruit, recreation areas, surrounded by fences made with camélias, hibiscos and many flowers. The threshing floor where the past is malhavam cereals today is transformed into an esplanade. The walls of stone and in the last century continue to protect the fifth making it very reserved.




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