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Quinta da Magnólia

Ilha de São Jorge - Velas - Urzelina





Rebuilt keeping the old and striking features by the hard-carved basalt stones for several generations, Quinta da Magnólia is located on the island of São Jorge, parish of Urzelina.
Designed to offer superior and differentiated service, this tourist unit features eight suites that overlook the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and stand out in their basaltic grandeur amidst the intense green surrounding them.
Each suite offers a unique experience; not only for its spaciousness or the unique stories each represents, but also for the sublime attention to detail when choosing the elements and colors that paint a decoration where comfort and tranquility have not been left to chance.
In its surroundings, in addition to the open-air swimming pool from where you can be taken in by the majestic view of the highest mountain in Portugal, it is guaranteed that contact with nature will prevail, whether by hiking the property, or by the harmonious music of the rough surf. the waves at the edge of the property.
At the end of the day, when the sun is fading into the background, let yourself drift into the twilight for the tranquility of the surroundings and be dazzled by the one that gives the name of this property, which so well represents our history. : The Magnolia.




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