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Tradicampo Eco Country Houses

Ilha de São Miguel - Nordeste - Nordeste





The Nordeste district is the best kept secret on São Miguel Island. Its untouched nature, with a large area of laurel forest (which is also home to a unique species called Azores bullfinch), and its breathtaking landscapes, with the deep blue sea as the backdrop, are a true shelter for those in search of the lost paradise.

And in this piece of heaven you will find Tradicampo's Houses. They are antique places, carefully restored by using traditional materials. Also, some new parts characterised by contemporary aesthetical options were added to the houses in order to improve their living conditions.

Some of the surrounding plots of land have been transformed into gardens, where the peace and quiet of the countryside can be enjoyed.

For the interior decoration we used traditional restored furniture together with contemporary objects, in order to obtain high levels of authenticity and comfort.




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