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Nabila Fernandez
about Quinta do Paraízo


Quinta do Paraízo is an incredible place. It’s a house with lots of history. Very charming and cozy as well. All the facilities are perfect and we loved the black pool. We took the chance to discuss with Ana, the owner and she was lovely. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone wanting to travel responsible and local.

Kathrin Haase
about Casas Açoreanas


We had a lovely stay Casas Acorianas houses on Faial (Quinta da Meia Eira), Pico (Glicinias do Pico), Sao Jorge (Casas dos Vimes) and Terceira (Quinta dos Figos). Most of them had sea view and were located in a beautiful setting. Perfect accomodation for people who love to travel individually and like to explore the real Azores.



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